Blue Ridge Paintball Safety Rules and Regulations

1. Goggles: This is the most important safety rule. You MUST be wearing your goggles any time you are in an area where there is a game going on or that you are in an area where anyone has their barrel covers off.

A BLUE RIDGE PAINTBALL REFEREE will inform you when it is safe for you to remove your goggles when a game is over. DO NOT

lift or take off your goggles for any reason unless you are told to do so by a BLUE RIDGE PAINTBALL REFEREE. If your goggles get covered with paint or dirt call a referee over to assist you with cleaning or wiping your goggles. You may not lift them yourself. If anyone is caught in the playing area without goggles the ENTIRE GAME will be stopped and everyone will have to listen to this safety speech again. If your goggles accidentally come off during game play: Immediately cover your eyes with your hands, drop to the ground & call for help. A REFEREE will stop game play so you can correct your issue and the game will be restarted as quickly as possible.

2. Barrel covers: These should be on your marker at all times. You should only remove them when a REFEREE instructs you to take it off to play. When you are eliminated from game play you must IMMEDIATELY put your safety ON and barrel covers ON before leaving the field of play. Any violations will result in removal from play for the rest of the day.

3. Paint: No off-field Paint balls are allowed. Only paint balls purchased from BLUE RIDGE

PAINTBALL may be used to play. If you are caught using paint balls that were NOT purchased from BLUE RIDGE PAINTBALL you will be asked to leave the field and not permitted back for the session. This is for your safety.

4. NO Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on the property. BLUE RIDGE PAINTBALL

reserves the right to check all bags, packages, boxes etc.

5. NO BLIND FIRING: You must always look at what you are shooting at.

6. Arguing/ Physical contact: This will not be tolerated. Do not argue with other players, referees or try to instigate a fight. Absolutely no physical contact of any kind. YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY AND AUTHORITIES WILL BE CONTACTED. If you have a dispute take it to a REFEREE.

7. Bunkers and field objects: There are no moving bunkers/ field objects during the game. There is no jumping over bunkers. This will result in you being removed from your session.

8.Elimination: You are eliminated when you are hit by a paintball and it breaks on you or your equipment such as your marker, mask, pods, body etc. Be sure to check to make sure the paintball broke because sometimes they bounce without breaking. If you can not see the area you were hit either ask a teammate or a REFEREE for a paint check. If you yell HIT or OUT you are out REGARDLESS of whether it broke or not so be sure to check first. If a paintball breaks on

something in front of you and just splatters on you, you are NOT out. It must hit you or your

equipment and break on you.

9. Eliminated: When you are eliminated you must yell HIT or OUT. You must immediately put your hands up to signify you are out. Put your barrel cover on your marker and put in on safety and walk to the exit. DO NOT TAKE YOUR GOGGLES OFF! If you can not see ask a REFEREE to help wipe your goggles off. DO NOT shoot anyone with their barrel cover on or someone that has declared themselves out.

10. 10-foot rule: You must stay 10 feet away from you opponents. There is no charging an opponent. If two opponents accidentally occupy the same 10-foot area, a non-shooting surrender rule will take effect. Meaning— the first player to get the drop on the other via line of sight down the barrel will be the victor. The victor will yell SURRENDER and the opponent MUST comply.

11. No trespassing outside of field boundaries or shooting of boundaries.

12. Wildlife: We play harmoniously with the wildlife. Please do not shoot the animals.

13. Game Over: Once sounded, all shooting MUST STOP. Engage safety and put on barrel covers. Leave on goggles and exit field.

14. Waivers: Must be signed prior to any paintball game. Applies to players and spectators. This agreement is binding.

15. NO FIREARMS permitted on property.

16. Smoking: At designated areas only.

17. Violation of ANY rules may result in you being asked to leave BLUE RIDGE PAINTBALL without